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When you are in need of collision repairs, look no further than The Kuztom Shop. We are the one stop paint and body shop repair service that you can count on to do the job right. Unlike the typical dealership which focuses mainly on car sales, we specialize in collision repair and auto body work. All of our technicians are kept up to date with the latest technologies and are fully trained in every aspect of body work, so you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of collision repair professionals.

Proper collision repair will bring your vehicle back to the same look and safety specifications it had when it was originally built. Because the shape of your car can be distorted from a collision, it is important that your car is taken apart properly allowing access to the chassis so it can be repaired to factory specifications. We can then repair or replace and parts that are damaged. Quality and your safety is our primary concern, so we only use high quality parts that pass factory standards.

Preparation and Painting

Vehicle Painting

The paint on your vehicle is its first line of defense from the elements, so a proper paint job is essential to prevent rust and deterioration. A common misconception with body work is that once a new panel for your car is purchased, it is immediately ready to be painted, unfortunately this is not always the case. Most new panels need to be straightened, gaps need to be filled, and while this can be time consuming, it is a very necessary process to get a paint job that will last and make your vehicle look amazing.

The first and most important part of body work preparation is to make sure that the body of your car is perfectly smooth, this is achieved by removing any existing paint, bondo or other types of body filler by process of sanding. Next is the painting process which using a multi-step procedure. In order to get an even thick coat that will last, many layers of paint need to be applied. The first coating layer is the primer paint, this will protect the vehicle from rust, corrosion and sunlight, it will also help to smooth out any irregularities on the surface of the body panels.

The next layer is the basecoat paint, this aesthetic layer gives your vehicle color. Because we only use high quality automotive paint products you can expect that new car look to last for many years to come. The clear coat is the final top layer which protects the previous layers from the elements and gives your vehicle's paint job that head turning reflective shine.

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